Free IP Scanner

Free IP Scanner Version 3.1 Free

Scan IP addresses quickly and efficiently without entering complex commands that are difficult to remember

In the past, it was pretty difficult for network administrators to find the IP addresses of the machines that were connected to a network because they had to manually scan each network in order to get the desired results. But thanks to the advancement in technology and network software, network administrators are now easily able to find the IP addresses in even a large network through tools like Free IP Scanner. This program does exactly what its name implies. The rate at which it scans an entire network is simply amazing and you will be left astonished that it only takes a couple of seconds for the program to populate the results on your screen. The secret behind the fast scanning process is the embedded ‘multi-thread scan technology’ that allows the program to use less amount of PC’s resources and yet come up with lightening quick results every single time. If a particular IP address in the network is reachable, Free IP Scanner gets hold of all the relevant data associated with that particular IP address such as host name and the number of ports associated with that IP address. Moreover, users can also view NetBIOS information using the program which includes the likes of MAC address and workgroup details. Once the user has obtained the results, he or she can choose to save it in a text file format so that they can make use of the information in future without scanning the entire network once again provided everything remains the same.
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